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We know Keto because we live it. Our journey started in 2017 when one of us made the change to a Keto lifestyle.

Now four members of our immediate family are Keto as well as numerous friends who have been inspired by our changes. Our lives have been improved through weight loss, anxiety reduction, hormone balance, auto-immune symptom reduction, mental clarity, and more. We built KetoPatrol to help you choose foods that support your goals, whatever they may be.


Easy scan or search

Just scan the product barcode or search by SKU, PLU, or keyword for instant keto safety results.

Instant, reliable guidance

We examine the ingredients in detail so that you don't have to!

Safe, suspect, or offender?

Individually rated ingredients keep you in control of your keto safety level - we warn you when potentially unsafe ingredients are found.

Macro grades

A product might be innocent, but is it the best choice? Every product is letter graded based on its macronutrient calorie ratios.

Join the force

Help us nab keto suspects and offenders! We'll provide a preliminary rating on the spot when you contribute new products.

Experienced rating team

Every product ingredient is manually examined in detail to ensure rating accuracy.


User from Alabama

Keto 1-3 months

Being able to just scan a UPC and get immediate feedback about products is a huge time saver.

User from New York

Keto >1 month

I can make informed decisions based on the product ingredients, some of which are foreign to me. It's a good opportunity to learn more about specific ingredients.

User from Canada

Keto 3-6 months

I would describe KetoPatrol as resourceful, beneficial, and supportive.


How we determine macro grades

One challenge of Keto is learning which foods best fit your macros. The macro grading system helps guide you to foods that will give you high fats, moderate proteins, and low carbs. The goal is to help you eat foods that will give you more macro bang for your Keto buck and less of the foods that will eat up your macro allowance.

What information will I learn about a product?

For each product in our database, we will provide you with a list of all ingredients broken down into Keto safety levels with details about why an ingredient is suspect. We will also provide you with a letter grade for each product based on the macros breakdown. These ratings will help you to determine if a product fits your Keto lifestyle.

Why it's important to appeal and contribute

There isn't one big database of Keto foods currently available, but we've been working hard to develop one to benefit the Keto community! The only way to make sure the information is correct is to individually review and rate each ingredient manually based on generally accepted strict Keto principles. We aren't perfect, so we will make mistakes, and as the community continues to research the science behind Keto, the acceptable ingredients may change.

How we rate ingredients

KetoPatrol is for all people following the Ketogenic way of eating! Our goal is to provide you with information to help inform your decisions. We know there isn't just one way to Keto, but in order to produce ratings we developed the following criteria:

  • Offending ingredients are all ingredients that are clearly not Keto, such as rice and wheat.
  • Suspect ingredients are those ingredients that are considered a personal choice in most strict Keto circles. Suspect ingredients include things like Ace-K and Sucralose. If you are concerned with macros, not ingredients, these ratings may not be as important to you as the macro grades.

Why did we build KetoPatrol?

KetoPatrol is a labor of love. Keto has made an amazing difference in the life of our family and we firmly believe that everyone can benefit from this way of eating. We also know there is a big learning curve that can make it difficult to start and maintain this lifestyle because we went through it ourselves. We want you to know that you’re not alone. Removing barriers to Keto success is our passion!